In-Dealership Consulting

What types of in-dealership training do you offer?

Garage Composites offers a wide variety of in-dealership training that can be tailored 100% to your dealerships needs. Our most basic services that we offer in-dealership are Sales department training, Finance and Insurance training, Parts and Accessories department training, and Service department training. Employee motivation and customer experience creation is infused in all in-dealership training.

How many days will your training take?

While we have a one-day minimum booking policy, typically our consultants will come into your dealership for two or three days. However, as stated above, we will tailor a program to exactly what you and your dealership wants and/or needs.

What are the costs involved for an in-dealership visit?

The cost for our consultants is $2500 per day. Travel expenses are not included in the cost of having a consultant in-dealership.

Is there a maximum amount of employees that can attend the training?

Whether you have five employees or 55 employees, you can have as many of your employees attend the training as you want. Dealers must be mindful however, that the more people that our consultants train, the less concentrated that the training will be.

Do you have consulting that address different brands?

Whether you are a Harley-Davidson, Metric, or Euro dealership, our consultants are well versed in all brands and types of dealerships. Our training model addresses not only the type of product that you sell, but the best practices for selling everything you carry.

Can I pick the exact trainer that I want?

Depending on our consultant’s schedule a dealer can choose whoever they want to perform their training.

What services do you provide?

Garage Composites is the industry leader in Composite Reporting20-ClubsManagement Training Academies (MTA)In-Dealership ConsultingKeynote Speeches, and OEM Services.

Where can I get more information?

Please email or use our contact form.