20 Clubs

What is a 20 Club?

Quite simply, a 20 Club is your Board of Advisors. A 20 Club is the most profitable experience that you can have for your business, due to the peer review that it allows. Garage Composites takes up to 20, non-competing dealers and puts them in one room together to discuss best business practices, transactional data, and industry news. Using our proprietary composite, dealers measure each other by their numbers, practices, and business initiatives. There is simply no better way to cut the learning curve of both what to do, as well as what not to do.

What types of 20 Clubs do you offer?

Garage Composites has 20 Clubs in the Powersports, Marine and Bicycle industry. Furthermore, we offer a mix of both OEM sponsored as well as private 20-Club in all three of these spaces. Lastly, in Powersports we further break down 20-Clubs for Harley-Davidson, Metric and Euro-Only dealers. 

What does your composite look like?

Here are samples of our Harley-Davidson, Metric and Marine composites.

Will there be a large commitment on my part?

The 20 Club experience is most certainly a commitment. There is a commitment to preparing and inputting your dealership’s numbers into our composite monthly. There is a commitment to your peers to show up to every meeting prepared and ready to be involved in a meeting for two days. Lastly, there is a commitment to yourself to become better and more profitable.

How will my dealership be placed into a 20 Club? Will I have any say in which 20 Club I attend?

While there are many factors that will determine where a dealership is placed (volume, profitability, location, single or multiple dealerships, etc.), every effort will be made to put a dealer in a group where they A. fit, and B. want to be.

What is the cost to be in a 20 Club?

Participation in a 20-Club cost $649 per month, paid quarterly. This is exclusive of meeting costs and travel expenses.

  • Meeting costs typically include meeting space, breakfast, lunch, group dinners, and transportation divided by all dealers in attendance.
  • Travel expenses, including flight, transportation, hotel room, and any other expensed incurred are the responsibility of the dealers in attendance.

Where do the 20 Club meetings take place?

Most Garage Composites 20 Club meetings are held in Denver, Colorado.

Can I bring my General Manager with me or in my place?

General Managers are allowed to participate in a 20 Club, but they must be voted into the group along with the owner. In addition, know that your managers will be exposed to ALL conversations, including poor performance and payroll discussions and they must be able to make all decisions for the dealership if they are to attend in place of an owner.

Are there dealership visitations involved in the 20 Club experience?

That answer is based on the groups’ decision. If a 20 Club group decides that there is a need or desire to visit a member’s dealership, the group will meet in the location of the dealership visitation instead of Denver.

How do I sign up to participate in a 20 Club?

You can call us at (720) 507-3261 and we can get the process started. You can email us at info@garagecomposites.com and we will get some information out to you. Or you can quickly and easily fill out our Membership Contract and once we receive your application we will contact you directly and begin the process of uploading your dealership’s numbers.

Do you have 20 Clubs for department managers?

Yes. Some of our 20 Clubs have elected to have Managers 20 Clubs in conjunction with their Dealer 20 Clubs. We have moderators available to conduct Sales, F&I, P&A, Service and Marketing 20 Clubs. Managers 20 Clubs are a great way to expose your department leaders to best practices that evolve from 20 Club discussions.

What services do you provide?

Garage Composites is the industry leader in Composite Reporting20-ClubsManagement Training Academies (MTA)In-Dealership ConsultingKeynote Speeches, and OEM Services.

Where can I get more information?

Please email info@garagecomposites.com or use our contact form.