In-Dealership Consulting

Looking for personal attention and the ability to change a department quickly? Our trainers and consultants have their bags packed and travel on a regular basis. With the Marine, Powersports and Bicycle industry's most experienced and cutting edge trainers, we can address your needs immediately. Our trainers will spend one or several days working with your staff, the owner; managers, or will completely audit every facet of your dealership. No ask is too big and we have addressed almost any problem that you're facing. Contact us today for guidance. 

  • Sales – The Making It Easy to Buy 9-Step Sales Process, Transfer of Enthusiasm, Traffic Log, How to Desk a Deal
  • Finance and Insurance – How to Menu Sell, Compliance Training, Setting Up the Office for Success, The Importance of a Dealership Tour
  • Parts, Accessories, and Motorclothes – The Makeing It Easy to Buy 6-Step P&A Sales Process, How to Retail, Open to Buy, Inventory Turns
  • Service – The Making It Easy to Buy 6-Step Service Sales Process, A Professional Walk-Around, Dispatching, How to Handle Difficult Customers

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