In-Dealership Consulting

Looking for personal attention and the ability to change a department quickly? Our trainers and consultants have their bags packed and travel on a regular basis. With the industries most experienced and cutting edge trainers, we can address your needs immediately. 

  • Sales – The Making It Easy to Buy 9-Step Sales Process, Transfer of Enthusiasm, Traffic Log, How to Desk a Deal
  • Finance and Insurance – How to Menu Sell, Compliance Training, Setting Up the Office for Success, The Importance of a Dealership Tour
  • Parts, Accessories, and Motorclothes – The Makeing It Easy to Buy 6-Step P&A Sales Process, How to Retail, Open to Buy, Inventory Turns
  • Service – The Making It Easy to Buy 6-Step Service Sales Process, A Professional Walk-Around, Dispatching, How to Handle Difficult Customers

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