In-Dealership Consulting Request

Thank you for choosing Garage Composites for your consulting and training needs. Please review the following information, fill in each box, and once finished hit send to deliver to the Director of In-Dealership Consulting.

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Garage Composites does not guarantee service for exact dates listed

Garage Composites makes no claims or guarantees regarding the results to be obtained from their consultation services or the application of those materials, procedures or training provided by their consultants. Garage Composites cannot be held accountable for the success or failure of your business.

Garage Composites consultants will not book flights or hotels prior to Garage Composites receiving a 50% deposit of the consulting fees for the engagement.

Addendum: On-Site Training and Consulting

Current member of Garage Composites must be 100% current on all billing matters. Garage Composite consultants will not entertain in-dealership consulting with any client that is non-current in any part of their billing.

Minimum On-Site Engagement: 1 day

Expenses: Client agrees to pay all legitimate consultant expenses related to the engagement to include, but not limited to: airfare, hotel, rental car, fuel, meals, airport parking, etc.

Deposit: Client agrees to submit a deposit of 50% of the daily rate and travel day fees in advance of the engagement. Garage Composites will not finalize travel plans prior to the receipt of this deposit.

Consultant’s Rights: Garage Composite consultants will book their entire travel plans on their own accord. Per our contract clients are not allowed to book hotels, flights, vehicles, or any other ancillary travel plans for the consultant. Furthermore, consultants are not allowed to stay at client’s property, use client/dealership vehicles, or fly with the use of client’s air miles unless approved by Garage Composites management.

Dealers Rights: Consultants are mandated to use professional judgment when booking travel arrangements, renting vehicles and choosing meal options. Consultants will be prudent in all billings that are passed on to the client. All upgrades to any travel expenses, events outside of business, or added expense for pleasure only, shall be paid directly by the consultant and will not be passed on to the client.

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