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The $50,000 Challenge for Powersports Dealers

It may sound absurd that a simple business meeting with your industry peers can improve a dealership’s bottom line by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But it happens. All the time.

Which is why we at Garage Composites have a challenge for any powersports dealer that has never participated in a 20 group. Here’s the challenge: We’ll bet you we can identify how to improve your bottom line by a minimum of $50,000 over a one-year period if you attend and participate in one 20 group meeting with us.

What’s a 20 group? It’s a collection of about 15-20 similar-sized dealers that operate in noncompeting locations. These dealers get together three times a year to compare financials and ask the simple question: What’s improving the bottom line and why? What happens if we can’t help identify ways to improve your bottom line by at least $50,000 in one year’s time? We’ll pay for your flight to and from the 20 group meeting.

Are there a few rules you have to know about before participating in the program? You bet. You can find those here

So how about it? Ready to take the $50,000 challenge? We’re confident our 20 group moderators’ grasp of what drives heightened profitability in the motorcycle/powersports industry and the guidance of your peers will result in a year-ending improvement at least $50,000. Interested? Contact us for details.