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Rules of the $50,000 Dealership Challenge

To qualify for Garage Composites’ $50,000 Dealership Challenge program, dealers must meet the following requirements.

  1. Must be one of the first 10 dealerships to participate in this program;
  2. Must be a franchise dealership, selling new units from one of the major powersports OEMs;
  3. Must make at least $3 million in store revenue annually;
  4. Understand the $50,000 can be either potential savings or potential gains from their current operations and that the potential savings or gain would happen over a year-long period if the dealer follows through on strategies outlined during the 20 group;
  5. Have not previously been in a 20 group in the powersports industry or any related industry;
  6. Completely fill out a composite form at of at least 3 months of data at least two weeks in advance of a scheduled 20 group meeting. Garage Composites staff will help dealers through this process;
  7. Attend an entire 20 group meeting (usually held over 2 days) and pay for your travel expenses and share in meeting costs with the 20 group’s other dealers.

If a dealer meets the above requirements and Garage Composites and/or peer group members cannot find $50,000 in potential gains or savings, Garage Composites agrees to do the following:

  1. Reimburse a dealer’s round-trip flight to the location of the 20 group meeting. (Only one round-trip flight would be paid for, regardless of whether the dealership brings more than one person to the 20 group meeting) The dealer will be responsible for all other travel and meeting costs associated with this trip.

Dealers may only attend only one 20 group meeting under this program. Dealers will be charged Garage Composites’ monthly fee if they agree to continue with the 20 group after the first meeting.

Participating dealers must sign and date this form and email it to Garage Composites’ Neil Pascale at before participating in this program. Questions on the program also can be emailed to Neil Pascale.

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