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FAQ on Yamaha Canada-Garage Composites’ 20 Club Program

What kind of data do Garage Composite members see during their 20 clubs? Email for specific examples.

Here are frequently asked questions on the new Yamaha Motor Canada-Garage Composites’ 20 clubs program.

What is a 20 club?: It’s a group of usually 12-15 dealers who get together three times a year to review their financials, called “composite reports,” and identify better ways to do business.

Who participates in these 20 clubs?: Participation is reserved for dealership management, usually the dealership owner, partner and/or general manager. Plus, at least one team member from Garage Composites, the powersports industry’s leaders in 20 club moderation, will attend and moderate the sessions.

What is Yamaha Canada’s role?: Yamaha Motor Canada will have access to the 20 clubs’ national averages but not individual dealership numbers. Yamaha Canada will be in attendance for a half day at one of the three annual meetings to receive feedback, answer questions and interact with dealers.

What is a dealer’s commitment?: To maximize their time and investment in a 20 club, dealers must enter their store’s data, their composite information, into Garage Composites’ online portal on a monthly basis and attend all three annual 20 club meetings.

What is the financial commitment?: Dealers will be required to sign a one-year agreement with Garage Composites at $549 (U.S.) per month. Dealers will be able to use a certain amount of co-op from Yamaha Motor Canada to help cover some of the cost of the 20 club program.

How many 20 clubs will be available?: Initially up to three 20 clubs will be available. This could change depending on dealer demand.

How will the 20 club selection work?: All groups will be determined based on volume, profitability and comparable peer market size. Additionally, all dealers in a group will be non-competing based on location and distance from each other in accordance to Canadian business competition benchmarking guidelines. Yamaha Canada has final approval for each dealer’s participation, based on these criteria.

Where will the 20 clubs be held?: Typically in airport/hotel locations around Canada. All meetings will be held in English, and only Canadian dealers will be part of the groups.

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