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Dealer Insights on the 20 Club Experience

“I’ve changed my dealership’s outlook on what we now accept as a successful month,” says Garage Composites’ client Andy Kent of Beach Boulevard Motorsports in Jacksonville, Fla. “Our 3% net profit is now 9%. Our number of unit sales is the same but our profit per deal has grown. This is with the help of Garage Composites pointing out the holes in my dealership where we were overspending or just wasting money. We have added to our bottom line in ways I never thought possible.”

Tom Hicks, another Garage Composites’ client and dealer principal of Southern California Motorcycles, says he went into the 20 club process “kicking and screaming, saying, 'I don’t need to take the time to do this!’'All I can say is that if I would have joined a 20 club when I started in business it would have saved me hundreds of thousands worth of mistakes, increased profit exponentially, and made my life soooo much easier.”

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