Thank you very much for being part of our meeting. A very big part! Dealers could not say enough about your presentation and the message was spot on! We look forward to having you for our service school and I am pleased to know that dealers are following up on the services you provide. Much needed in this business!

Paxson St. Clair, CEO - Cobalt Boats

Wheelhouse College - Sam's Garage



NFL players are the best of the best in the world, and they practice six days per week to play one. I’m amazed at how little our industry practices – we don’t train our people. Anybody can reactively CLERK a transaction. Sam's Garage is designed to help you and your staff create experiences that cause sales to happen – start SELLING!

Sam Dantzler

Sam’s Powersports Garage has moved to the Wheelhouse College platform and is changing its name to Sam’s Garage!  They have recently rebranded the online training and are proud to offer subscribers an improved training experience through Wheelhouse College. 

Sam’s Garage is not a direct product offered by Garage Composites yet is a related and complementary product offered by Wheelhouse College - our closest industry partner.  Wheelhouse College has made every attempt to make the online training easy for your staff and your managers and offers the Sam's Garage product via their custom-built learning management system. They have a user hierarchy specific to our industry and training modules broken down by industry departments. In Sam's Garage you'll find a mix of videos and best practices documents. The online training is a multi-tiered approach to understanding, where students hear it, see it, and test on it to maintain maximum accountability.  Quizzes, Final Exams, and Certificates of Completion add value to the process. The videos are designed to be fun and engaging, not corporate and slick, with real-world examples and industry language. The information is derived from over 30 years of best practices.  It is also infused with Sam's in-depth research and experiences in human behavioral psychology. Be prepared to learn and laugh!

Sam’s Garage online training is a great supplement to the management training and 20-clubs offered through Garage Composites as it is designed to address the needs of management AND staff, is available for a monthly fee, and is of course taken at the leisure of the student whether that be in-dealership or at home in pajamas.

Check out the content with a 5-day test ride OR jump right in and subscribe monthly. 

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These videos are a sampling of our online Enter-Train-Ment offered in Sam's Powersports Garage.