“Being in the Powersports Industry for 14 years, I have always considered myself to be a somewhat successful operator. I mean, I had a great staff, a great facility, and great products to sell. However, I was not open to sharing my secrets and success with others, with regrets that they may become better than myself. After many years and maxing out my ability, I figured it was time to invest in a 20-Club, so I did. The first group I joined didn’t help me move the needle in any way and had no accountability and was more like day camp for adults. So at the advice of a fellow dealer I was asked to take a look at Garage Composites to see if they had the aggressive and current business outlook that I was seeking. To say the least, It was like strapping myself to a Rocket!

Garage Composites truly shows you SEVERAL loss profit opportunities within your dealership that maybe you as a day-to-day GM or owner don’t see. They also show you HOW to fix it. At my first meeting I was shown that my profit margins were too low in certain areas, my expenses and advertising budget was too high, but at the same time my service department was top notch and the percentages were in line. They told me that if I wanted to be “accepted” into this particular group that I would have to make these changes AND show proof of such a change by the next meeting 4 months later. I returned to my dealership and had a meeting with my staff and explained the demands of the group. I also told them that these changes were 100% a condition of their employment and that these changes were starting NOW. Immediately we went from $1400 per deal to $2100 per deal in Sales and Finance. I cut wasted expenses, hired a parts guy, and two more sales people at the encouragement of my group, and yes OVERNIGHT my numbers went through the roof! My dealership had FIVE record months in a row. In 2016 we still did the same dollar amount in sales but at 6% net profit instead of 2.4% from the previous years.

Put your ego aside, invest in the fact that joining a 20 group like Garage Composites is a must. What makes you think that you are better than everyone else? Don’t you think that sitting in a meeting for a couple days, three times a year, comparing your dealership and ideas with others is going to make a difference? Aren’t you ready and open to learning from others and being held accountable to raise the bar with in your own dealership? After all , its only money…”

Andy Kent, Owner
Beach Blvd. Motorsports

“Garage Composites General Management Training Academy (GMTA) forced me to engage in high level conversations, ask thoughtful questions, and challenge myself and my classmates every meeting. The growth that I experienced in the class, as well as the growth I saw in others, is something you can only get from the GMTA atmosphere. Students will walk away feeling more confident in their role at the dealership and be armed with the tools to take their operation to the next level.”

Emily Sistrunk, General Manager
Alamo Cycleplex

“Simply put, I would not know how to run my stores if I were not in a Garage Composites 20-Club. The first thing you learn in a Garage Composites group is what great looks like. Then you have your dealer peers, facilitator, and Garage Composites training teams who help you to achieve it. Being a veteran 20-Club dealer for over 16 years, I found that when I am comfortable, I am complacent. Since joining Garage 2, I am uncomfortable enough that I make the changes needed to move the needle, this is because my dealer peers push each other not just to look at what needs improved, but how to and in what time frame. Joining a Garage Composites 20-Club has made significant improvements in my operation, and profitability!”

George Gatto, Owner
Three Rivers Harley-Davidson, Gatto Harley-Davidson, Gatto Cycle Shop, Inc.

“Whether the powersports industry is at a high tide or low tide, a 20-Club experience with Garage Composites will put you in the best position to succeed. It’s like having an unfair advantage on your competition due to the availability of industry data found nowhere else, unrivaled peer accountability, and sharing. In-store training and consultation by industry leaders and Management Training Academies.”

Jeff Wheeler, Owner/Operator
Wheeler Powersports

“From 20 Clubs to General Managers Training Academies, no one does it better than Garage Composites. Sam and Tony provide an environment that’s conducive to learning and sharing information unrivaled in the motorcycle industry. I personally have grown into the operator that I am in large part due to my years of exposure to both of them. Thanks guys!”

Rob Edwards, General Manager
Roughneck Harley

“The 20-Club is an extremely important asset for our business. If you’re serious about doing well, then measurement has to be central to your fundamental business principles. Our 20-Club allows us to measure ourselves in countless categories against the industry average, different dealers, and top performers to understand where we are compared to where we want to be. The meetings provide an accountability based format which helps keep you on track with commitments made to improve your business. I don’t know where we’d be without our Garage Composites 20-Club…literally!”