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The MTA difference: ‘I feel so much more confident’

Q&A with a Harley-Davidson dealership sales manager participating in Garage Composites' Management Training Academy

What kind of impact can the Garage Composites’ Management Training Academy have on a dealership? Garage Composites (GC) asked a current MTA student - Anneka Scarpino, the Operations & Sales Manager for Latus Motors H-D of Eugene – just that.

Scarpino has worked for the Oregon Harley-Davidson dealership for four years, starting as a receptionist before moving to the business and finance sides. Today, she leads the dealership’s sales staff.

GC: Because of the Management Training Academy (MTA) training, are you doing more training with your staff? If so, what is it now compared to what it was before?

Scarpino: “Absolutely! Prior to the training, the only training we did was product knowledge-related. There was little to no training in regard to process. This has changed drastically since attending the SMTA. We now require all new hires to go through both product knowledge and sales process training.”

GC: Due to the MTA training, have you seen some measurable improvement in one of your sales department's key benchmarks, like profit margin, total sales or transaction ratios?
Scarpino: “Yes! Because we were introducing so much change at once, I chose to pick one benchmark to focus on at a time. To start with, we chose transactional data and getting our greet, sit-down and delivery ratios in-line. Once we succeeded at hitting our greet goal, we moved on to getting our sit-downs in line and so forth. It makes a huge difference in the remainder of the business when you focus on your transactional data – many other numbers begin to fall in-line.”

GC: Is there one part of your job that seems easier or less stressful due to the training?
Scarpino: “Yes. When I accepted the sales manager role, I had very little training and therefore had no real idea which metrics I should be monitoring or how to control those that were not in-line. Through the Sales Management Training Academy, I feel so much more confident in what I can control and how to control it. The training has given me the tools to know how to take control of my department. This alleviated so much of my stress and has made my job so much easier.”