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Sales Management Training Academy Student Profile, No. 2

Jason Hull’s introduction to the Garage Composites’ Sales Management Training Academy couldn’t have come at a better time. He was less than a month into his new position in Waco, Texas, when he attended the first of three Academy trainings.

Jason Hull, General Sales Manage, Adam Smith’s Harley-Davidson of Waco

“That was a turning point for me,” Hull said of the training. “I learned it’s just not about fun in sales, it’s about career development. Not only mine, but people I hire.”

Accountability and team management weren’t the only lessons Hull learned at the first Sales Management Training Academy in August. He also learned how to adjust his sales process to get his entire team into the consumer shopping process earlier.

The result?

In the months after his initial training session, his store’s closing ratio has nearly doubled. What’s more: The Harley-Davidson unit buyer at Waco is now spending more at the time of the unit sale. H-D of Waco has seen more than an 18 percent increase in per unit sale after his first training session.

What else has Hull incorporated from his first Training Academy session that has made a positive impact on the store’s growing sales? Hull mentioned the following:

  • More coaching. Hull took the Training Academy’s homework of daily one-on-one coaching with his sales staff and increased it. He’s now coaching his newest sales hires after each “greet” they log. With his closers, the training is done after each sit down.
  • A bigger team. Hull used a formula that was taught at the Sales Management Training Academy to identify how large his sales department should be. As a result, he will be hiring one additional salesperson for 2016. “It wasn’t a gut feeling,” Hull said of estimating how many staff members he would hire, “but how many I actually need based off a formula.”
  • The right thinking. “It’s all about accountability,” Hull said. “It’s not just about the fun and games of selling bikes. You touch a lot of peoples’ lives and sometimes you don’t understand you’re responsible for their career development. You’re the guy.

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